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SDK is typically a set of development tools that allows a software engineer to create applications.
It is able to develop fingerprint authentication system and, using SDK.

Support various OS

Support various fingerprint readers

Fingerprint Authentication

The fingerprint identification has longest history and most widely spread in the security market.
The biometrics is originally established by fingerprints, which has the characteristic of life long immutable and unique to every one.

We have adapted the method to extract and refer minutiae which is the mainstream in current fingerprint identification technology.

We developed original logic that realized the highest level of quality and matching speed.

It needs to have only extracted characteristics data.
Only 456 to 512 bytes data is needed to register one fingerprint.

All data is saved by template data, and it is impossible to restore to fingerprint image data.
In this way, our system can keep privacy.

Fingerprint SDK Standard
Support OSWindows, Linux, Android
Template Size456 Bytes
Matching Speed3,000 fingerprints / 1 sec ( Pentium 4 2.8 GHz )
FAR0.0001 %
FRR0.01 %
Fingerprint SDK AFIS
Support OSWindows, Linux
Template Size512 Bytes
Matching Speed60,000 fingerprints / 1 sec
FAR0.0001 %
FRR0.01 %

SDK is provided with DLL or Shared library.