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Fingerprint USB Flash Drive SecureKung-FP

SecureKung-FP is the security USB Flash Drive that portable security applications are installed as standard.

Lock Flash Memory
It is able to access to the memory when identifying a fingerprint. And important data are protected from a third party.
Hardware Based Encryption
Files are auto-encrypted when copying these to the memory.
The internal analysis of a memory chip is also prevented.
Detecting Suspicious File
If the "autorun.inf" file (Suspicious file) is detected in USB memory, deletes it before opening the removable disk.
Loading softwares
Digital SafeBox
It encrypts files by an easy operation, and protects leakage of the confidential information in computer.
  • AES 256 bit
  • Encrypt/decrypt files & folders.
  • Self-decryption mode

Files are not completely deleted even if these are deleted by the Delete key, the Delete menu and the deletion command of the command prompt, on Windows.

This application completely delete files by easy operation, and prevents files from recovering and prevents the confidential information leakage from the computer.

This is an application that are able to automatically log on/log in to the Windows, Web sites and Commercial Applications.
You can log in to these with only connecting USB Flash drive with the computer or fingerprint and also log in to these safely & easily without password typing.
  • Log on to Windows
  • Log in to Web Sites
  • Log in to Commercial Applications

System Requirements & Specification
System Requirements
CPUPentium4 1GHz or more
Memory512 MB or more
OSWindows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7
Temperature0 degrees to 60 degrees
Humidity20% to 90%
Power4.5V to 5V ( From USB Port )
Memory Capacity4GB
SensorCapacitive Line Sensor
Dimension83 X 11 X 24 ( L X H X W )
Max Fingerprints10 fingerprints
FRR< 0.1%
FAR< 0.001%
Warranty1 Year

It is possible to customize it in accordance with corporation's request and also provide it as OEM product.

  • Change applicatoin design.
  • Change product's Logo
  • Request of software development, etc.