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Erase files from the computer!

Files are not completely deleted even if these are deleted by the Delete key, the Delete menu and the deletion command of the command prompt, on Windows.
These are able to easily recover by the software.

FileShredder completely delete files by easy operation, and prevents files from recovering and prevents the confidential information leakage from the computer.

  • No need installation!
  • Easy to erase files!
  • Prevent the file name from recovering!

Method Of Erasing File

The user is able to select 3 methods according to the usage.

GutmannThe Gutmann method is an algorithm for securely erasing the contents of computer hard drives, such as files. Devised by Peter Gutmann and Colin Plumb, it does so by writing a series of 35 patterns over the region to be erased.
DOD 5220.22-MIt is the method by NISPOM of the United States Department of Defense (international industrial security program management manual).
Random DataIt overwrites with the data generated by the random numbers generator program.
System Requirements
CPUPentium4 1GHz or more
Memory512MB or more
OSWindows XP
Windows Vista
Windows 7